“All colors of the world” Exhibition

“All colors of the world” is a Contest that intends to select 20 images of mobile artists and then an Exhibition that will take place in Cagliari (Italy) in a wonderful multipurpose space in the heart of the city, the MEM Mediateca del Mediterraneo.

The exhibition aims to show the best of Mobile Art from all over the world and highlight the international aspect of this artistic movement. Mobile Art was born 11 years ago in the USA with the first iPhone and the first editing apps. Today the technological revolution of the last decade and the mass spread of mobile devices all over the world have made this artistic form truly usable everywhere. Internet and social networks, did the rest.
There are no borders, there are no walls, there are no people too far away. Everything is close, usable, easily accessible. I can buy in Los Angeles, sell in Beirut, collaborate with artists in Instanbul. Web does not solve problems of coexistence, cultural differences, economic disparities, but it is an opportunity. An opportunity to get to know each other and to dialogue.
Mobile Art was born with this international character which is fundamental to understanding it. But above all it is a community. A community of artists who share images and therefore emotions, different cultures, ideas, problems, dreams. They participate in International Exhibitions, organize workshops, create Mobile Art courses. The Mobile Community is a living reality, full of talents and ideas and resources of all kinds. It is an example of globalization in the world of contemporary art.
Cagliari, a city in the middle of the Mediterranean, a place of millennial meeting of different peoples in terms of culture, religion, history, becomes an exhibition site for an Esposition with an international character. And above all the MEM gallery, which is located in a multipurpose center dedicated to the Mediterranean as a place of trade and cultural exchanges between Phoenicians, Egyptians, ancient Romans and Greeks once and today open to international traffic, it seems the perfect place for this Exhibition.
“All colors of the world” wants to be an auspicious theme for the future.
We open this new decade with an idea: art has no boundaries, art communicates and brings together different peoples, art is a universal language that speaks the same language.
All the colors of the world.
We love all the colors of the world, even the ones I don’t know, even the ones I’ve never seen. Because all men have a deep desire for peace and brotherhood.
All of this may be a utopia, but utopias have changed the world.

I am looking forward to seeing your work. The judges who will observe your images are highly professional and long experienced artists. It is an honor for me to collaborate with Clint Cline, Eliza Badoiu, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Gianluca Ricoveri.

For any information you can write to mobileartca@gmail.com

The Call

Dear artists,

I have the pleasure to launch the call of a great Mobile Art Exhibition 2020.

“All colors of the world” Exhibition will take place in Cagliari (Italy) from March 27 to April 10, 2020 in the wonderful MEM Mediateca del Mediterraneo https://www.comune.cagliari.it/portale/page/it/mem__mediateca_del_mediterraneo?contentId=LGO12204

The theme is “All colors of the words” and the Exhibition will concern images made with mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and smartphones in general) produced by artists from all over the world.

A jury, consisting of Eliza Tsitsimeaua-Badoiu, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Clint Cline, Gianluca Ricoveri and Giulia Baita will select 20 images, one for each artist.

Each registration includes the submission of 4 images to mobileartca@gmail.com.
To register and send the payment, fill out this form:

Images will be printed on glossy photo paper and framed 30×40 format. Do not send square images.

Images with WATERMARKS, FRAMES, BORDERS and SIGNATURES will not be considered and fee not refunded. The artist retains all copyrights for their images.

Deadline to send images: March 2

The Jury

Giulia Baita
Giulia Baita lives in a beautiful island called “Sardinia” (Italy).
She has a degree in History of Contemporary Art and she loves painting and drawing.
She is a mobile artist. She participated in many international exhibitions like “Light impressions” (two years in Miami) , Mobile Award Mira” (Porto) and mDAC 2017 (Palo Alto).
Her works have been exhibited in Paris too, San Diego, Milan and Rome.
She collaborated with the jazz musician Marco Testoni in a project that brought together music and images.
In March 2017 she founded MAG MobileArtGroup Facebook, MAG Instagram and MAG Twitter. MAG wants to promote Mobile Art as a new form of Contemporary Art.
In March 2018 Giulia Baita curated an exhibition in Cagliari called “Mobile Art From All Over The World”. It has put together images by 29 artists. She created also a book-catalog of the Exhibition.
In November 2018 she organized her first solo exhibition in Assemini (Sardinia) curated by Rosaria Straffalaci.
In May 2019 she has designed, organized, promoted and set up “The Beauty Myth”, great Exhibition of Mobile Art in Milan, Copernico Gallery.
Her second solo show took place in Alghero: “IPhoneArt, a long love story”. Currently she works to promote mobile art through workshops and cultural events in general.
She was interviewed recently by Andy Butler on Mobiography, issue 48.
Clint Cline
I am a Florida-based writer, designer, and iPhoneographer and have worked in visual communications and advertising since 1973. I am a founding artist with The International iPhoneography Group (TIiG), and NEM: The New Era Museum. I also serve MAG Mobile Art Group as a curator.
As an artist I’m sort of a mutt. Well, “hybrid” sounds better, but that’s just a mutt with a collar and a bath. My art background was never centered in one medium but spans a variety of media from early work in collage and mixed media, to gouache, oils, watercolor, pen and ink, and pencil. Editorial photography was a necessary skillset in my work as a reporter, just as directing commercial photography and film later became integral to my professional career as a creative director in advertising.
I have been able to combine my personal artistic journey through both art and photography within the mobile digital medium of iPhonic art. It is a natural extension of the creative exploration process for me, and the ability to shoot, create, and output all from one device is nothing short of amazing.
My work variously explores the abstract and surreal co-mingled with fine art images and graphic interpretations of both contemporary and timeless cultural themes. As a writer, I’m also influenced by the strong and often soaring visual language of writers like Cormac McCarthy, Saramago, and Faulkner. Poetry is a periodic companion, too, which I read for the pleasurable exercise of looking behind the obvious to weave metaphoric and symbolic themes into my visual work. And as a student of the Bible and the faith, I often draw on themes and truths I find there.
My exhibitions have included: Exposition d’Iphonographie in Venarey, France (Jury Award); Worldwide iPhoneography Art Movement (WiAM), Naples, Italy; SoHo Gallery of Digital Design, New York City, New York; LA Mobile Arts Festival, Los Angeles; “Lens as Palette” Exhibition, Denver; and #MOBIU1023 Experience, Chicago.
Eliza Tsitsimeaua-Badoiu
Eliza Badoiu is a self-taught mobile photographer, her speciality being self-portraiture. Her award-winning images are expressionistic and surreal, often using movement and layering techniques to portray her artistic vision, that of the female psyche.
Eliza has her roots in Greece, where her grandparents were originally from and lives in Constanta, Romania, where she was raised. Aside from her photography, she is a mum and wife to her family and works as a professional foreign language teacher.
She has won many international awards and she has exhibited her works in many countries around the world.
The last Gallery a Exhibition:
May 2019 , exhibited in the collective show ‘The beauty myth’ at the Copernico Gallery May 15 , Milan, Italy. (also participated as a member of a jury) –upcoming project
Participating with two projected images in the @Mobile Camera Club ‘s event EP7 “Des Arts Et Des Mobiles”, held in Paris. July 2019
Decemer to January 2019-2020, collective exhibition “Forward the Tradition”, Ph21Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.
The last Exposure:
Featured in the monthly publication Better Photography from India with a ten pages interview as exposure for the mobile artsy attempts. January issue 2019
Featured interview on the @Moment (www.shopmoment.com) with “Taking Distorted, Dreamy Photography” online article. July 2019
Featured interview displayed with @1415mobilephotographers as being the author of the month with “Inconsistency” article by Eliza Badoiu.
Gianluca Ricoveri
Gianluca Ricoveri was born in 1950, he has always been devoted to the art of painting and photography and experiencing the interaction of one genre with another.
In 2012 he discovered iPhoneography, enabling him to blend disparate means of expression. Ricoveri was granted the opportunity of showing his art in personal Exhibitions in Pisa, Lucca, Asuni, San Gimignano and Florence at FIPA 2015. He has also been chosen many times as “The Artist of the Day” in IPA and the ‘Picture of the Day’ at P1xels. He also received an honourable mention at AX3.
In addition his art has been selected for: 43mm Issue 3 – International Mobile Exposee; The exhibition at Exposure Mobile Photo, Ohio; The Contest of The Art Group The RUSH, in Praha; The MPA Pocket Vistas, for The Markham Vineyards Gallery Exhibition in St.Helena Ca; The 2014 Mobile Photography Awards; The Light Impression in Tour in Miami, for The MPA 2015; The IHUH in Rome; The 2016 Mira mobile Prize Porto; The 2016 Génie Climatique Project in Paris; The IPPAWARDS 2016; The Studio b. Light Impressions on Tour 2016 at the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho; The Livorno Expo 2016; The Impossible Humans Florence 2017; The MAJE in Rome 2018
The Mobile Camera Club in Paris 2018; Mostra Italo Latino-Americana di arte contemporanea in Viareggio 2018; Mobile Photo Awards 2018
MIra Mobile Prize 2019; Circum navigation in the Palm of the hand Museu de Lamega Portugal 2019.
Awards: The Landscape and Nature GoPix Awards in 2016; Mira Mobile Prize for the Landscape Photography in 2018.
He is a founding artist of The New Era Museum.
His works has been featured in the most influential sites and magazines of Mobile Photography.
Manuela Matos Monteiro
Manuela Matos Monteiro studied Philosophy and Psychology, was a teacher of secondary education, a teacher trainer. She is the author of several books on Psychology, Psychosociology and Pedagogy. She coordinated NETPROF – Portuguese Teacher’s site on the Internet and directed 2:PONTOS magazine. In addition to participating in congresses and conferences with communications, she is the author of several articles and essays in different publications. Since the 70’s he has developed photographic work and has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Portugal, Brussels (European Parliament), Mozambique (Maputo and Beira), France (Paris and Bordeaux), etc. Since the appearance of mobile devices she dedicates her photographic work to mobile photography: Florence, Berlin (two photography biennials 2013 and 2016), Miami, Kansas City, Paris, Barcelona among others . She has been member of several national and international contest’s jury and coordinates MIRA Mobile Prize (7 editions). She curated several photo exhibitions and directs, since 2013, with João Lafuente, the galleries Espaço MIRA, MIRA FORUM and since April 2017 the gallery MIRA | performative arts. She is with João Lafuente the curator of an important cicle of photography in Portugal “Ciclo de Fotografia de Lamego e Vale do Varosa”.


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