Art in Covid19 time.

My work in Covid19 time

This lockdown period does not stop being productive from the artistic point of view. Rather. Maybe it is more productive but finds different expressions, different collaborations, different ideas to tell. As far as I’m concerned, the basic idea is always positive. Stopping to look inside yourself, cutting dry branches and finding new/ old road companions has been (and is) the result of the last few weeks.

On MAG MobileArtGroup (the site on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that I founded three years ago) I launched a contest entitled “MAG Hopefull” because these are days full of hope in life and in a better future.

In these days I have closed the Challenge “All colors of the world” with the 20 finalists who will participate in the exhibition that I hope to set up soon in Cagliari. An exhibition that will speak of UNIT between different peoples, of collaboration, of international art.

Personally, I have worked on some images (personal portraits and other) that are inspired by this moment so dramatic and full of aspirations.

I have collaborated with friends who honor me with their friendship and renewed some collaborations. Andrea Bigiarini, friend, artist and always creative mind, asked me to collaborate together with other friends and artists on his “Impossible Exhibition” project. “In the moment in which the whole world suffers together, we, mobile artists, want to be a positive presence, overcoming borders and restrictions. We want to create an ideal bridge between artists who share the same passion. We want to say our being there, today, everywhere in the world. We want to be silent but active witnesses of this historical moment ”. I contributed with a video and an image.

In addition, I participated in the Anna Crudo project “What I see from the window – Quarantine edition” with some thoughts and an image on “The flying tree” page Fb. Anna’s idea is to make this project an event in Rome soon to tell about this period of quarantine.

I participated in the series of interviews that my colleague, Mimmo di Caterino, multifaceted artist, put together by calling into question several artists to express their opinion on “Contemporary Art at the time of Covid19”.

Currently one of my images is competing in the Farini Gallery’s “Art does not stop” Contest. The images in the competition will be chosen based on the number of likes on Instagram and Facebook and on the judgment of a specialized jury.

Other projects are being launched. Surely art does not stop. Art, an intimate expression of an artist’s life, cannot be stopped but, on the contrary, travels … It makes us breathe, changes us, renews us … Art cannot change the world but it can certainly contribute to improve it.

“Cosa vedo dalla mia finestra – quarantine edition”

Giulia Baita ci racconta da Cagliari… e con le parole ci regala uno dei suoi lavori di Iphonographer 🐚🌼

“Sguardo dalla finestra.

Il momento che amo di più, il momento più surreale di queste giornate in casa durante il lockdown, è la notte. Abito davanti al Parco Naturale di Molentargius, l’unico al mondo dove i fenicotteri nidificano da quasi trent’anni. La città di Cagliari si affaccia sul mare e su questo parco immenso. Dalla mia finestra vedo i fenicotteri volare via in stormo la mattina e tornare al tramonto con un gran vociare. La notte, nel bel mezzo del silenzio, “starnazzano” emettendo il loro tipico verso non so per dire cosa.. Dal balcone della mia casa al primo piano ho un panorama straordinario e soprattutto la notte il cielo sopra la mia testa è così immenso da togliere il respiro.
In queste sere così surreali tutto tace. Dall’asse mediano solitamente trafficato a tutte le ore, non arriva il rumore di una macchina. Nessuna. Un silenzio assoluto mi circonda e se dovessi fare anche il più piccolo rumore si sentirebbe molto lontano. In questi momenti la natura sembra più viva che mai. Insetti, grilli, qualche cane in lontananza che abbaia e i fenicotteri che lanciano i loro versi in lontananza… Forse chiamano qualcuno. Non hanno paura del Covid19. Per loro la vita é sempre la stessa.. Liberi in mezzo all’acqua, ad asciugarsi il becco tra le piume. “In fondo la felicità è una piccola cosa”, diceva qualcuno.

Pubblicato da Giulia Baita

Giulia Baita lives on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean called “Sardinia”. She has a degree in History of Contemporary Art and she is passionate about painting and drawing. She is a high exponent of Mobile Art and she participated in many international exhibitions like “Light impressions” (two years in Miami) , Mobile Award Mira” (Porto) and mDAC 2017 (Palo Alto). She also showed some of her photos in two Art Exhibition in her city, Cagliari. She has collaborate with the jazz composer Marco Testoni about some projects which combined music and art. A video with her pictures was shown in Rome during a concert by Marco Testoni and the Pollock Project group and it always accompanies their concerts. Other videos (exclusively made with iPhone) were selected and shown at festivals such as MoMo Festival, International Mobile Film Festival, Woman’s Mobile FilmFestival, Los Angels Film Festival. In March 2017 she founded MAG MobileArtGroup Facebook, MAG Instagram and MAG Twitter. MAG wants to stimulate and promote Mobile Art as a new contemporary art form. In March 2018 Giulia Baita organized an exhibition in Cagliari with images of artists from around the world. It called "Mobile Art From All Over The World" and it featured the work of 29 artists (including her). Subsequently she has created a book - catalog of the Exhibition. Accounts:

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