“All colors of the world” Exhibition. Booklets.


All colors of the world – Booklet

The exhibition brought together the images of 20 artists from all over the world and five jurors. It had the international character characteristic of the Mobile Art movement. The same theme suggested love for all the colors of the world and the pleasure of sharing them.



“All colors of the world” Exhibition took place in Cagliari (Italy), Villa Fanny, on 30 July 2020.

The artists who took part in the exhibition are:

Lorenka Campos (Texas)
Roger Guetta (Canada)
Melissa D. Johnston (USA)
Linda Hollier (Canada)
Dale Bradshaw Botha (Australia)
Isabel Afonso (Portugal)
Janis Brandenburg Lee (Nevada)
Ileana Montano (Mexico)
Susan Latty (Australia)
Rosalie Heller (Maryland)
Amanda Parker (California)
Paul-André Hamel (Canada)
Alexis Rotella (Maryland)
MaryJane Rosenfeld (USA)
Juta Jazz (Lithuanian / Cyprus)
Barbara Braman (Massachusetts)
Massimiliano Balò (Italy)
Adelino Marques (Portugal)
Peter Wilkin ((England)
Sukru Mehmet Omur (Turkey / France)

The jurors

Eliza Badoiu (Romania)
Manuela Matos Monteiro (Portugal)
Gianluca Ricoveri (Italy)
Clint Cline (Florida)
Giulia Baita (Italy)

The Exhibition was entirely curated by Giulia Baita

The booklets bring together the 25 images on display; the biography of all the artists and jurors; the images of the precious quilt, a symbol of collaboration and sharing between artists from all over the world.

Short preview of the booklet


Pubblicato da Giulia Baita

Giulia Baita lives on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean called “Sardinia”. She has a degree in History of Contemporary Art and she is passionate about painting and drawing. She is a high exponent of Mobile Art and she participated in many international exhibitions like “Light impressions” (two years in Miami) , Mobile Award Mira” (Porto) and mDAC 2017 (Palo Alto). She also showed some of her photos in two Art Exhibition in her city, Cagliari. She has collaborate with the jazz composer Marco Testoni about some projects which combined music and art. A video with her pictures was shown in Rome during a concert by Marco Testoni and the Pollock Project group and it always accompanies their concerts. Other videos (exclusively made with iPhone) were selected and shown at festivals such as MoMo Festival, International Mobile Film Festival, Woman’s Mobile FilmFestival, Los Angels Film Festival. In March 2017 she founded MAG MobileArtGroup Facebook, MAG Instagram and MAG Twitter. MAG wants to stimulate and promote Mobile Art as a new contemporary art form. In March 2018 Giulia Baita organized an exhibition in Cagliari with images of artists from around the world. It called "Mobile Art From All Over The World" and it featured the work of 29 artists (including her). Subsequently she has created a book - catalog of the Exhibition. Accounts: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000201756899 http://www.eyeem.com/giuliabaita https://www.flickr.com/photos/95910832@N04/ https://mobile.twitter.com/account https://www.instagram.com/giuliabaita/ https://vimeo.com/162133859


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