One year ‘at home’ due to Covid

One year at home working for school and my artistic activity due to Covid. But the prospect of returning to a “normal” life seems ever closer ..

How many resolutions for this new year, how much desire to do things that have stopped for months.

This photo was taken in Venice, during a trip with my children. I have a wonderful memory of those days .. And today’s photos, moments from the past that come back to visit us, seem so precious to me…

I think we have learned a lot over the course of this year. We have learned to stay more and more connected with close and distant friends. We have learned to be more attentive to our planet and our environment in general. We have learned to consider ourselves as inhabitants of the same global village and what concerns others always concerns me too.

In every experience we must learn and find ‘positive’ aspects and I think the pandemic, in spite of everything, has taught us many things. I hope that from now on our world will be better and we will all be more friends and more supportive.

With love.


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