“Summer” series

Sette immagini astratte realizzate con iPhone 8. In questo momento strano e difficile per molti di noi può emergere un senso di insicurezza e sconforto.Vorrei dedicare questa serie alla Energia.La grande energia che si muove dentro e intorno a noi, quella che ci fa andare avanti nonostante tutto, quella che ci spinge a fare coseContinua a leggere ““Summer” series”

“All colors of the world” Exhibition. Booklets.

    “All colors of the world” Exhibition took place in Cagliari (Italy), Villa Fanny, on 30 July 2020. The artists who took part in the exhibition are: Lorenka Campos (Texas)Roger Guetta (Canada)Melissa D. Johnston (USA)Linda Hollier (Canada)Dale Bradshaw Botha (Australia)Isabel Afonso (Portugal)Janis Brandenburg Lee (Nevada)Ileana Montano (Mexico)Susan Latty (Australia)Rosalie Heller (Maryland)Amanda Parker (California)Paul-André HamelContinua a leggere ““All colors of the world” Exhibition. Booklets.”

Art in Covid19 time.

My work in Covid19 time This lockdown period does not stop being productive from the artistic point of view. Rather. Maybe it is more productive but finds different expressions, different collaborations, different ideas to tell. As far as I’m concerned, the basic idea is always positive. Stopping to look inside yourself, cutting dry branches andContinua a leggere “Art in Covid19 time.”

“All colors of the world” Exhibition

“All colors of the world” is a Contest that intends to select 20 images of mobile artists and then an Exhibition that will take place in Cagliari (Italy) in a wonderful multipurpose space in the heart of the city, the MEM Mediateca del Mediterraneo. The exhibition aims to show the best of Mobile Art fromContinua a leggere ““All colors of the world” Exhibition”

Mentorship Project

I added a mentoring program to MAG MobileArtGroup Facebook so that mobile artists can provide assistance to another person in our community and/ or receive it. I’m happy to see all of us establishing stronger relationships with other people and I hope they will sign up. Anyone interested in receiving assistance (about apps, various techniques,Continua a leggere “Mentorship Project”