Work as a Juror in 2021

This difficult year due to the pandemic still in progress, my artistic activity has not stopped.

I have exhibited one of my works in Genoa, at the Palazzo Ducale, I have curated my website, I have started the production of tutorials published on Instagram, I have organized the NEW LIFE exhibition in Cagliari and I am preparing to present one of my works in Florence for the Biennale of Contemporary Art.

I was also a judge of two major international exhibitions of Mobile Art. One was held in Porto in Portugal and is called MIRA Mobile Prize and the other is called the MDAC Award and was held in Palo Alto (California). It was an honor to be part of the jury and select images from artists and photographers from around the world.

The phenomenon of Mobile Art grows and spreads thanks to social networks, exhibitions, events and workshops that multiply. This “democratic” and “smart” form of expression collects ideas and moods around the world and, thanks to the network, circulates them.

Everyone has a phone, everyone can do Mobile Art. Even if it is not the medium that makes the artist but their head and their heart.

Congratulations to all the artists selected in the MIRA Mobile Prize and MDAC Award!

MIRA Mobile Prize 2021 (Porto), curated by Manuela Matos Monteiro
MDAC Award (Palo Alto), curated by Sumit Vishwakarma

Fotografare gioielli

I gioielli sono la memoria. Sono il tempo fermato in un istante eterno. Sono legami con le persone, con momenti speciali della nostra vita. 

I gioielli sono un’ode al bello, al gusto, al piacere dell’occhio, alla bellezza come valore universale. 

I gioielli parlano linguaggi universali, ma sono anche espressione di un tempo, di un luogo e di una cultura. 

Gioielli come gioie. Belle. Tante.

Juror in MDAC 2021

So glad to have been Juror in MDAC 2021!

MDAC is a great award and website and art school in Palo Alto (California). The director is Sumit Vishwakarma.

50 artists have been selected by an international jury and their works will be exhibited in Palo Alto in a major exhibition of Mobile Art and Digital Art.

It was an honor to be part of the jury. Congratulations to all!

My speech for the MDAC meeting between jurors and artists.

New Life exhibition 2021

Dear artists,

I am pleased to announce “New Life” Contest. It is the Mobile Art Contest 2021 which will select 25 images for a large exhibition curated by me in Cagliari. Also this year, artists from all over the world are invited to take part in an exhibition that will print and frame 25 images. Afterwards it will be available a catalog with all the selected images.

The theme is “New Life” in reference to a new life that we are about to live after the pandemic. We have been forced to stay closed at home for months, many have had work problems, many have not been able to hug their loved ones who live in other cities for a long time. Now finally there is a more serene air and it seems that the situation is improving. We want to prepare ourselves for a new life in which we will be more free and more responsible for our own life and others’. A new life in which we have learned to respect the environment and live together in a single global village.

Each artist can submit a maximum of four images and a jury will select 25, one per artist. Deadline 10 July. The payment of a fee includes the printing, the frame, the gallery, the brochures.

To send the images click here

New Life

After filling in all the previous fields and after the payment has been made successfully, send a maximum of 4 images format 4:3 to

35,00 €

Esposizione a Genova, Palazzo Ducale

Dal 13 al 27 Marzo 2021 ho avuto l’onore di esporre una mia opera a Genova, Palazzo Ducale.

La mostra si intitolava “Talk with me” ed era curata dalla dott.ssa Loredana Trestin e dalle sue collaboratrici del gruppo Divulgarti.

Nonostante il periodo difficile per l’arte a causa della pandemia, Palazzo Ducale non ha chiuso le sue porte al pubblico se non in zona rossa e quindi è stato possibile visitare la mostra.

Il tema mi ha spinto a presentare un’opera che mostra proprio la difficoltà di comunicazione in una coppia. Ma l’atmosfera è calda e abbraccia la coppia come a sottolineare che, nonostante le difficoltà, la comunicazione è importante ed è possibile quando ci si vuole bene.

L’ opera ha formato 50×75, stampata su tela e incorniciata con cornice nera a effetto ombra.

La dott. ssa Loredana Trestin mi presenta alla inaugurazione della mostra.
La dott. ssa Elena Bozzano presenta la mia opera alla mostra

Art Makes the world a better place

Giulia Baita lives in Sardinia (Italy). She has a degree in Contemporary Art and loves painting and drawing. She is a mobile artist. She has participated in numerous collective exhibitions: Palo Alto, Porto, Roma, Amersfoort in Netherlands.

In March 2017 she founded MAG MobileArtGroup Facebook, MAG Instagram and MAG Twitter. MAG aims to promote mobile art as a new form of contemporary art. For two years MAG has been a partner in “ONLY MobileArt” , a magazine published in NYC directed by Marcello Barbusci.
Giulia Baita curated the great Mobile Art Exhibition in Milan (“The Beauty Myth”) in May 2019. For two years she collaborated with ONLYMobileArt, a magazine published in NYC and directed by Marcello at Barbusci. MAG promote the activity oh hundreds and hundreds of artists from all over the world.

Now she take care of workshops or online courses for those interested in learning about Mobile Art. She is currently preparing to participate in the great event in Florence of the Biennale of Contemporary Art. The Exhibition will take place in October 2021 at the Fortezza da Basso.