All’EXMA la mostra Mobile Art from all over the world

All’EXMA la mostra Mobile Art from all over the world
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Un anno fa a Radio X a Cagliari. Sono stata intervistata per parlare della Mobile Art e della mostra che stavo per inaugurare.

Oggi mi preparo ad inaugurare una nuova mostra a Milano il 15 Maggio dal titolo “The Beauty Myth”.

Work in progress! 😉

Workshop: Mobile Art e Fotografia


9DFD34BE-D42A-4BB9-A130-0E51224C9D59Il 24 Febbraio a Cagliari al Centro Fotografico di Cristian Castelnuovo terrò un workshop insieme al fotografo Cristian Castelnuovo su questo tema: Mobile Art e Fotografia.

Sará la prima tappa di un corso che avrá lo scopo di insegnare le basi di questa nuova forma di Arte Contemporanea: la Mobile Art.

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What is Mobile Art?


Is it possible to make art with a phone? This is the question that I asked myself when nine years ago I bought my first iPhone and I experimented with the first artistic apps. I had seen amazing images on Facebook and Instagram made with an iPhone on the profile of American friends and I wanted to try. Art has always fascinated me and my studies in Contemporary Art have pushed me to experiment. Thus a great passion was born. Mobile Art is a movement of contemporary art that creates art using mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, smartphone. Not a camera, not a computer, not Photoshop. Only applications on the phone.

If you can make art with a can of beans, a cut on the canvas or recycled material, why not do it with apps on a smartphone?
Everything comes from a photo shoot and then, using the apps on the phone, you can create images of all kinds. There is a World Community that shares images, participates in Contest, International Exhibitions, Meetings. It is widespread especially in the United States, then in Europe, very little in Italy. Some very talented artists exhibit their work at galleries and museums all over the world.
Mobile Art is a democratic art, accessible to everyone. In this lies the true revolution. An art that can be realized and then shared on the other side by the world by anyone, avoiding galleries, museums and institutions. An art that can be enjoyed by everyone and created by any “potential artist”. An art within the reach of any ‘visionary’, free, open to creativity and the free circulation of ideas. An art that uses the network and has the speed of the network. “The digital man” is among us and looks to the future with new tools and new ways. And the diffusion of this artistic movement, as well as the quality of the work produced, require critics and intellectuals (together with the common man) to pay a great attention.

Our Era is going through a technological revolution of a scale never seen before. And we are the protagonists.